Where was the craziest place you've had sex? For one unabashed couple, that place was a subway train in Toronto. Then, moments later, it was on the train's boarding platform.

According to The Daily Mail, the unnamed man and woman started having sex on a Toronto Transit Commission train this past Sunday. A fellow passenger witnessed the couple's carnal act and informed a train guard, who promptly threw them off. Talk about coitus interruptus. In honor of good taste, we shall refrain from making any "train coming on time" jokes.

The man and woman weren't about to let a little thing like public indecency stop them from finishing. So, they got down on the train's boarding platform and continued, Missionary-style. That's just dirty - and we don't mean kinky.

Eventually, a train worker broke it up (again), telling them to "get their clothes and get out." Police arrived and hauled the couple away for engaging in a lewd act.

Captured video footage of the platform pounding was quickly uploaded to YouTube. A completely not-safe-for-work (and maybe anywhere) version can be seen here. The 30-second clip already has over 1 million views. About 954K coming from this office.

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