Looks like Courtney Stodden has turned over a new leaf in 2012. Ha! Just kidding. She is still an attention whore. Can we say that about a '17-year-old?' Well, if the bra fits, but it usually doesn't in Courtney's case. The 'child bride' already known for her Twitter antics and gord picking with her pumpkins hanging out, Stodden recently posted this photo and encouraged her followers to "floor flash" with her, and she would RT the hottest.

We aren't exactly sure what floor flashing is but we've sworn we've seen this before--only with David Hasselhoff and a half-eaten cheeseburger.

If the floor flashing wasn't enough to astound you with the world of Courtney Stodden; 2007 YouTube sensation Chris Crocker (the "Leave Britney Alone!" guy) responded with a "Leave Courtney alone!" idea that sparked a Twitter friendship between the two. Even more terrifying, the hint of a meet up and possible collaboration.

"Leave the Internet Alone Talentless People!"

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