This is the type of father-son bonding no one should ever know about.

While out interviewing people on the street during Winter Storm Jonas, New York's WCBS encountered this dad who was on the street with his boy. Why they were out, though, will skeeve you silly.

The boy did so well on a test that his pop wanted to reward him with...hand lotion (cue the Reddit disbelief)? Not a hoverboard. Not an Xbox. Hand friggin' lotion. Yes, the boy wanted hand lotion and, miraculously, L’Occitane was the only store open near them.

Yes, it's weird. And, yes, it's even weirder that his David Cross-resembling dad is proud of this. And it's even weirder still that the boy laughs in an uncomfortable "I'd so rather not talk publicly about this" kind of way.

For this boy's sake, let's hope schools remained closed for a looong time because he's going to be teased mercilessly once classes resume. And his dad won't be there to defend him, probably because he'll be busy deflecting the jokes that come his way when he sits down at his cubicle.

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