With more than twenty years of music under their belts, it is truly amazing that Daft Punk has been able to conceal their identities for this long. Many have theorized over who might be under those famous masks, but no one knows for sure.

To celebrate the release of their new album (which is fantastic by the way) we offer you five possible solutions to the mystery of these gifted music makers. This may be it, the identities of Daft Punk finally revealed.


  • Screech and his Robot Kevin


    Screech Powers was capable of creating advanced robotic technology, why couldn’t he also create advanced robotic music? What better cover for having a super intelligent robot than to hide it in plain sight?

  • Marv and Harry from ‘Home Alone’


    The "Wet Bandits" had the skills and capabilities to break out of prison, but after two foiled attempts at becoming master thieves, what if they decided to clean up their act? No one would give them a fair chance or sign them under their crime-filled names so they’d be forced to work in secret. The Sticky Bandits may now be the Electronic Bandits.

  • Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day Lewis


    Everyone knows Daniel Day Lewis is the ultimate method actor. He delves deeper into his roles than anyone else in recent memory. What if Spielberg is directing him in a futuristic Tron-like movie and he’s just been preparing for the role for the last 20 years? Is it that hard to believe?

  • Squints and Bertram from ‘The Sandlot’


    At the end of 'The Sandlot' the narrator says that Bertram got really into the ‘60s and no one ever heard from him again. Sure Smalls, that’s exactly what you’d want us to believe. Squints is definitely in it with him because he has nine kids. No one could support a family of eleven people by simply owning the local drug store. There’s more to their story and I’m betting it involves making some of the most popular electronic music of the past two decades.

  • Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd


    Judd Apatow puts his wife in everything else, who’s to say he didn’t pull some strings, call in a few favors, and get her in Daft Punk as well?

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