Take any food, deep fry it or add some bacon, and you've got us hooked. There's really nothing better than a nasty, greasy mess or extra meat strips to really make our testosterone sing. Think about it-- would you eat raw turkey testicles? Probably not. What about fried turkey testicles? Solid maybe. There are rare moments, however, when these two perfect cooking tactics combine to make an insane creation. This is one of those moments.

We'd like to introduce you to the most genius culinary invention of 2012-- beer and bacon battered deep fried Doritos. They're exactly what they sound like, made by "mixing equal parts flour and beer and then tossing in some diced bacon pieces," AKA incorporating all our favorite foods into one tasty triangle of snack mastery.

The guys over at Dude Foods are responsible for this ultimate man food, and we don't know how those geniuses came up with such a simple yet ideal combo of grease, salt, beer and crunch, but thank heavens they did. The thing is, if you want a taste of the stuff, you have to make it yourself. The good news is that the recipe is ridiculously easy, and it's definitely worth the risk of clogging a couple of your arteries, at least once.

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