On March 22, Def Leppard will begin a three-week residency at Las Vegas' Hard Rock Hotel & Casino that will see them perform the 'Hysteria' album in its entirety. In a new interview, guitarist Phil Collen talks about the challenges of playing their biggest album in Sin City.

"So much went into that record that we’ve been playing the hits for 25 years now," he told Vegas.com. "Some of the other tracks on the album, just going back and listening to the whole thing, you realize just how much went into that record. Obviously [producer] Mutt Lange had a massive influence, and the whole thing about that, so we’re just totally excited. They are such amazing arrangements that you forget.”

Although the 4,000-seat club they will be playing, called the Joint, is smaller than the arenas and sheds they are used to, Collen believes that Vegas' history as the "Entertainment Capital of the World' means that they understand the demands that come with a band like Def Leppard.

"[C]oming to Vegas where everything is really show oriented," he continued. "We want to continue that theme really. It works better when there’s theatrics behind it. That was always the plan. We were always such huge fans of big rock music, Queen was a great example, AC/DC. You have these great songs that had such impact, and you have the visual as well. "

Def Leppard are following in the footsteps of Motley Crue and Guns N' Roses, both of whom had successful runs at the Joint in 2012. Tickets for the group's Vegas shows can be purchased at their website.

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