Fortunately, no one was injured in this 727 crash, done purposely for a TV show on the Discovery Channel. Why didn't the producers just use some CGI special effects or computer-enhanced images to make their own plane crash? In this case, they wanted to see what would happen to the real thing.

The Discovery Channel show 'Curiosity' attempted to recreate a "serious but survivable" plane crash in the Sonoran Desert of Mexico. A pilot took the plane to a certain altitude and began to slowly nosedive the giant hunk of metal before parachuting out of the aircraft. Planes and cameras on the ground documented the spectacular crash. The network also worked with Mexican officials to take extra precautions to ensure the plane crash was carried out safely, as well as, removing the downed plane and all debris from the crash site after the stunt.

The network loaded the plane with crash test dummies, presumably to see how many, if any, survived the crash. What are the signs that a crash test dummy survived? They also said the crash was staged to determine if there are ways to make large passenger planes safer in the event of a crash.

This isn't the first time a plane crash was suppose to be part of reality TV. Years ago, Fox considered crashing a plane for a reality special. Instead, they just greenlit the Fox show 'The Littlest Groom', which was a horrific crash on a completely different level.

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