(You know that cute, geeky girl that you want to ask out?  You can, but it's got to be played just right. You need help from a doctor. In this case, the fan of a doctor. We asked our resident 'Doctor Who' fan, Jo Pincushion, for some help.)

'Doctor Who' is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the "longest-running science fiction television show in the world" and as the "most successful" science fiction series of all time. That means, a large number of women MUST be watching. I'm one of those women. Here is proof.


Yup, that's me. A female TARDIS. I know plenty of others (female 'Doctor' fans --not human TARDIS) and we're all pretty damn adorable. You're bound to run into one eventually -- in a bar, a book store or stalking Matt Smith.

Any female fan would love and appreciate to hear any of these 'Doctor Who' pick up lines.  Some of them are cute, some of them you know, and some of them...well...they can be a little dirty.  Take them with you if you want to score a geek girl!

  1. Come back to my place so we can have some wibbly wobbly timey wimey.
  2. You give me Torchwood.
  3. Is that a sonic screwdriver in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
  4. I hear you're Allon-easy.
  6. If I were The Doctor, would you be my companion?
  7. [Quietly dramatic inhaled breath] I'm sorry, I think BOTH of my hearts just skipped a beat.
  8. Hello sweetie!
  9. I'd like to take you out for texting and scones.
  10. I won't blink cause baby you're a weeping angel.
  11. I think you're fantastic!
  12. Are you a Dalek? Cause you've been rolling through my mind all night.
  13. You're Oodiful.
  14. Wanna come back to my place?  You can play Doctor Donna.
  15. GERONIHO!!!!
  16. Girl, your butt is cute like an Adipose baby.
  17. IN-CEM-IN-ATE!
  18. Come back to my place and you can call me The Master.
  19. You know what they say about Time Lords with long scarves...
  20. If I were a Cyberman, I'd give you an upgrade.
  21. Can I stick my fish fingers in your custard?
  22. They call my penis The TARDIS.  It's bigger when it's inside.
  23. Let me shout at your jammy dodger.
  24. I'd like the be the one to open your Pandorica.
  25. Did I mention it also travels in time? [points at penis]

These lines are guaranteed to at least make that geek chick giggle a little.

When Jo Pincushion isn’t being snarky here you can find her out and about in Philly blogging, podcasting, or singing.  Check out her many (un)bankable talents on her website.

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