Wouldn't it be great if dogs could drive cars? If nothing else, man's best friend could make for a really loyal designated driver.

Actually, maybe it's not such a good idea. Just ask James Campbell. Oh wait, you can't ask him because he's dead, run over by a van driven by a boxer bulldog.

What happened was that Campbell, 68, had returned to his Florida home he shared with 56-year old Iris Fortner. Campbell was in the passenger seat and got out to open the driveway gate. As he was doing so, Fortner's boxer jumped into the car. In the dog's excitement to see its owner it managed to step on the accelerator.

Fortner tried to hit the break but it was too late. Campbell was crushed by the vehicle and pronounced dead at the scene.

Police are investigating, but charges aren't expected to be filed against the unlicensed pooch.

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