Brazil has always been a go-to destination to book hotel rooms and engage in kinky, week-long sex marathons, ranging from the ultra-sleazy to the sentimental and romantic. But now, there is a hotel located in the upscale district of Belo Horizonte that has quite literally gone to the dogs.

The Animalle Mundo Pet, which loosely translated means Pet World, is an eight-story pet hotel that caters to only two things: dogs and their innate desire to hump each other's canine brains out. The hotel rooms are stocked with lavish items like beef-flavored, non-alcoholic beer, heart-shaped ceiling mirrors, and four-legged smoking jackets that are branded with the logos of local soccer leagues, for some reason. Hey, even if you're gonna screw the pooch, a little sponsorship still never hurts.

However, this is not the type of low-brown establishment that accepts reservations from three-legged gutter mutts with a bad case of the mange. This love shack is for the discriminating pet owner who is willing to drop $50 every time Fido wants to get his groove on. Don’t worry about trying to find canine condoms, either - the ultimate goal at this Brazilian fornication factory is to get bitches pregnant.

We're just waiting for the seedier 'No-Tell Motel' version of this place to turn up on the other side of the tracks, and we have the perfect name: The No-Bark Hump Ark?" *crickets.*

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