Can't decide between burgers or pizza? Now, you don't have to.

Domino's India has unveiled the newest creation from its mad culinary scientists: burger pizza.

It's as simple as it is genius.

Basically, there's a crust on either side where the buns would be while the toppings are sandwiched inside where the burger would be.

"It only looks like a burger, but has all the goodness of a pizza inside," the head of Domino's India says.

The burger pizza, which can be had in three varieties, comes with a price tag of 89 rupees -- that's only about $1.33. Sadly, it's only available in India.

While we wait for it to make it stateside (and get to us in the coolest way possible), perhaps you can busy yourself combining other foods. Would anyone really be opposed to trying a taco stuffed with ice cream?

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