If the threat of blackouts and liver failure isn't enough to turn you into a teetotaler, then this new photo app, which simulates the physical effects of alcohol abuse over a period of 10 years, just might.

Called "Drinking Mirror," this website and smart phone app allows users to upload an image of themselves and use a filter which alters their appearance based on projected weekly alcohol consumption over a decade.

Heavy drinkers will note that their faces take on deep wrinkles, jowls, red cheeks and an overall puffy appearance due to weight gain, while those who abstain see significantly fewer changes.

Some people are skeptical of the app's graphic depiction of the ravages of alcohol. “I just don’t take it seriously,” one woman told the 'Today' show. “How can it take into effect your genes, other things that you do in life, how much you work out, how much you don’t work out?”

Yeah, we're not convinced either. But at the very least, the app has real potential as an awesome drinking game. What's that? We're missing the point entirely? No no, we get it; we're just using humor as a defense mechanism.

New App Shows the Effects of Drinking on Your Looks

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