While the music of Justin Bieber will never, ever make our playlist, this parody, which is entitled 'Droidfriend,' just might. It's 'Star Wars'-themed, you see, so that makes it okay. We hope.

This send-up of 'Boyfriend' features C-3PO (who's wearing a Bieber wig) in the titular role, and it's full of sly references to the classic sci-film film, including a pimped-out landspeeder and hysterical lyrics like "If I was your droidfriend / Never let you go / Your chances of survival / Are three thousand to one."

As if that wasn't enough, some guy dressed up as Princess Leia repeatedly gives the stink eye to the camera, a chubby dude with a beard appears as Chewbacca and even Luke Skywalker drops by to bust some nifty breakdancing moves.  Of course, nobody really wants to hear the protocol droid prattle on, much less sing. So when an ersatz Han Solo shuts him off, it's hardly unexpected.

Now if Bieber himself had an off switch, the world would be a better place.