You can look pretty dumb when you've had too much to drink.

That's the lesson this 19-year-old student at the University of Connecticut can impart to anyone who watches his shameful antics (note the very NSFW language) during a late night confrontation at the school's dining hall.

The student, identified as Luke Gatti, goes on an expletive-filled rant when he's told he can't have mac and cheese. He verbally (and eventually physically) assaults the manager on duty, who should be given a standing ovation for showing the patience and restraint he did. Dealing with drunk college kids isn't fun for anyone, but this guy handled the situation perfectly. Get him a raise, pronto.

Gatti does himself in in several ways: he admits to underage drinking, he's rude, he's condescending and he's violent.

After he shoves the manager, he's brought to the ground and police are called in to haul him away.

We can only assume his one phone call went to some late night joint on campus that would deliver mac and cheese.

This is the type of video that haunts people. When and if the day comes he graduates from UConn (assuming he's not kicked out), he'll apply for a job and his potential employer will see this clip. And that's not going to help his cause.

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