From the "girls gone wild" file comes this gem.

A girl in Miami who apparently had a wee bit too much to drink reached Reddit infamy when she decided she would turn her Uber driver's car inside out after they got into some sort of disagreement, the nature of which isn't clear (note some of the NSFW language in the video).

She's not pleased at all that he wants to cal 911 and he even holds her hands in an attempt to restrain her before shoving her to the ground when she tries to knee him in a part of the male anatomy knees should avoid like an albino does the sun.

She then jumps in the passenger side of the vehicle and IT. IS. ON. She screams. She curses. She throws stuff. She's like a 2016 version of Jersey Shore. She sarcastically says she's "getting really, like, belligerent," which we give her credit for announcing. "Belligerent" is a hard word to say when sober and for her to spit that out while drunk may be her most positive takeaway from his experience.

Things really go haywire at the 3:20 mark when the girl tosses papers (and scissors!) out of the car, which ought to be this guy's big clue that he needs to get an accordion folder to keep things more organized.

She then calmly walks away like a girl disappointed the guy didn't go in for the kiss on a first date. That's where the video ends, but we're sure the drama most certainly did not.

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