When something begins with "drunk mom" you know you're in for a treat.

Yes, this woman in a video called "Drunk Mom Tries Dropping In At Skatepark" decides she wants to put on a show for the kids at a local skate park. She pulls out some colorful foul language you wouldn't expect a mother to say in front of children, but hey, she's a cool mom, right?

She's also wearing flip-flops and not sporting a helmet, almost guaranteeing this will end in failure. At least she told them not to put this video on YouTube because if there's one thing we know about kids it's that if you tell them not to do something they never ever do the opposite.

And while the woman is the unquestioned star of this video, we'd love to hear more from her kid. We assume he's the one in the background who says, "Don't do it, Mom" around the 44-second mark. You know, the one who's destined for therapy.

It's embarrassing enough to have your mom drop you off at school or have to walk the aisles with her at the supermarket, but to endure her face-planting at the skate park while your entire grade is watching with cameras in hand has got to be the kind of soul-crushing, bully-generating material no child should ever know.

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