It’s hard to say what was more loaded – the gun or the guy.

In a tribute to white trash everywhere, this man, who is hammered and decked out in a Speedo, sets off a shot, the force of which knocks him on his keester. How he didn't shoot himself, stab himself with the knife he just so happens to have or fall into the nearby fire is remarkable. Darwin clearly hadn't foreseen this guy when he was coming up with his theories.

The clip may be called "Drunk Shotgun Fail," but considering all the bad stuff that didn't happen to him, we say "Drunk Shotgun Huge Success" is more accurate. We also think he may want to hook up with this crazy lady because it seems like they're both on the wrong side of sane.

The video is from 2009 and, for all we know, this guy could be president of the PTA, a sweater-vest-wearing math teacher or monk now, but that's the beauty of the internet. Like his hangover, this ain't going away anytime soon.