At some point in life, almost every man wants to be a superhero.

When you are a kid, these larger-than-life entities probably had you transfixed on saving the world (or at the very least, causing comical amounts of destruction after your mother made you do your homework).  To get your fix, you may have read comic books or watched  movies, but unless you're born on Krypton or you were accidentally exposed to gamma radiation, your chances of actually becoming a superhero were limited.

One man, known on YouTube as anthonyle247, may have helped us all get one step close to a post-adolescent superhero reality when he recently posted videos cosplaying in a non-lethal, functioning Iron Man suit of his own design.  Let's be clear: this is not a flimsy Halloween store costume with everything painted on.  The helmet opens and closes, causing the lights to go up EXACTLY like in the movie.  The repulsor rays in the palms light up, but do not, unfortunately, emit the blasts needed for defending the Earth from terrorism or, at the very least, knocking down walls when gutting a house.

Turn the sound up while watching and you hear the high-pitched squeals of awe-inspired geekdom coming from the videographer, echoing the sentiments of nearly every man who's ever wanted what is essentially the greatest Christmas gift of all time.

We are confident that if given the choice between the suit and Kate Upton...ok, we'd still take Kate Upton, but this would come very close.