It seems like everyone is playing Draw Something these days -- just not as many as last month.  Even super pant-popping models like Emily Addison likes to get in on the action.

Emily Addison has been teasing her Twitter followers with her Draw Something updates recently, and is willing to take on anyone. The 27-year-old model and adult film star from Los Angeles, California will take on all comers (totally used that phrase on purpose -- we're so transparent and juvenile.) in the game.

Apparently when Emily Addison isn't posting Twitpics of some of her best - um - assets [LINK - NSFW even if it is Twitter], she is probably drawing pictures of seahorses and Kate Winslet naked.  Challenge accepted!  We are totally willing to take on Miss Addison in Draw Something, but we would prefer it if we could use body paint and Emily Addison was the canvas. We'd just keep hand-painting over her chest. Who said we were artists!?!

If you're not into Draw Something, just enjoy these pics of Emily Addison and try and catch on to the next app fad.