Head-banging to Metallica is a time-honored tradition, but it's usually not this literal. Normally, if you are not sober when banging your head to heavy metal music, you should have a crowd of other head-bangers to prevent you from falling — or, at least have a nice soft mattress in your vicinity.

The woman in the video below had neither. Watch her really bang her head to 'Enter Sandman.'

While the cover band starts cranking out the sister riff of 'Enter Sandman,' one female metal fan can't help but heed the call to head-bang. Seconds into the song, she faceplants and bangs her head right into the ground. The best part: the cover band never flinches; it just keeps on playing 'Enter Sandman.' That's about as metal as it gets.

A friend comes to the aid of the woman who fell on her face during the Metallica cover, but no amount of help is going to keep this video from hurting her pride for all eternity.

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