Do you wake up in the morning and find yourself twitching uncontrollably due to eight hours of Facebook withdrawal?  Do you sometimes wake in the middle of the night just to read your old college roommate's status updates about his 2-year-old daughter taking a crap on the sun porch?  We know how you feel, and we found a bed that's perfect for you.

Tomislav Zvonaric has designed the perfect bed for the every day Facebook addict.  This bed, called 'FBed,' is shaped like the iconic 'F' in the Facebook logo and features a seat, keyboard, monitor, and mouse ready for those 3 a.m. Facebook stalking activities. Anyone miss the days when there was a whole different kind of "F" involved with beds? Us too.

We're skeptical as to the usefulness of this product.  Sure, having your bed connected to your social media lifeline is a great idea, but we're having a bad connected to the toilet would be much better.

[Via SlashGear]

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