Some fans live and die for their teams. A crazy few are willing to kill for them, too.

All poor Dan Drobac, 32, of Eagan, Minnesota, wanted to do was watch his recording of the University of Minnesota’s basketball game against the University of Michigan from the night before one day last month before he heard who won. Unfortunately, a contractor working outside his home didn’t get the memo and was blasting a sports talk radio show, which mentioned the score and set off Drobac in ways not seen in college basketball since Bob Knight was roaming the sidelines.

Drobac reportedly threatened to shoot the worker and then locked himself in his house during a standoff with a SWAT team that went over three hours before he was arrested. Drobac, who didn’t even have a gun in his house, said he did yell out his window, but claims he only shouted to turn the radio off.

All this for a game in January? We'd love to see what he'll pull when March Madness comes 'round.

He is also accused of throwing a knife at the worker. Drobac, who has no criminal record, denies throwing it, although he did admit he owns a set of knives that matched the one authorities found. So, you don't have to be Encylopedia Brown to figure out he was probably fibbing. Cops also say Drobac was drunk and had just finished a stint in rehab. Sounds like he has a few steps to go, don'cha think?

As it turned out, Minnesota could’ve used Drobac’s sharp-shooting skills – they lost the game, 83-75.