Everyone has their opinion about the best Super Bowl commercial of 2013 and they are all 100% incorrect UNLESS their choice is Leon Sandcastle for the NFL Network. Sandcastle was so popular he might even show up in the forthcoming Madden NFL 25 game from EA Sports. 

Sandcastle would be a fun feature, and even if he isn't available there is always the option of just creating him, but there is another rumor circulating about the game that is both absurd and AMAZING.

"Another popular rumor swirling centers around a social game within the sports game. Those who play would be able to control players off the field, interacting in social situations, giving a whole new dimension to the game attracting a total different segment of gamers. This new feature would be able to give the gamer control of players driving their cars and in nightclubs, etc. Engaging in detrimental conduct, while perhaps fun to interact with, would hamper the athlete’s performance traits on the field. As you might expect, when contacted, EA offered no comment."

This HAS to be a rumor considering the Madden video game franchise is an officially licensed product of the NFL and Goodell's gang would take serious issue considering some of the horrific events of the past season.

If it is true, who can drink more - video game Ryan Leaf or real Ryan Leaf?