Fantasy second basemen are usually light-hitting fellas with some speed. Fantasy owners are usually reluctant to select them very early in drafts.

It’s more of a position that you have to fill, more than one you want to fill. They are the vegetables on your steak dinner, the algebra in your class schedule, the dude in your threesome porn. You’re not crazy about him being there, but it’s a necessary evil.

This year is a little different -- there are several solid players in the lower end of the top 10, but after, choices gets thinner than a No. 2 pencil.

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    Jose Altuve

    Houston Astros

    Altuve is not a horrible guy to get stuck with as your starter. Plenty of speed, decent batting average, plenty of run-scoring potential. But he’ll be batting second in a lineup many expect to be one of the worst in the majors. He’s the only player getting drafted among the top 250 players on, currently.

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    Chase Utley

    Philadelphia Phillies

    Speaking of three-year averages, 13 other second basemen have averaged more Head-to-Head Fantasy points than Utley, who was once the Fantasy king at this position. Granted, this spring is the first spring he’s been available to hit since 2010, but injuries are part of why his value has dropped like an injured rock. He’s healthy now, though, and a 20-20 season is still a distinct possibility for the veteran.

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    Rickie Weeks

    Milwaukee Brewers

    Weeks is coming off a weak season (yeah, that’s right), in which he batted just .226 – the lowest number of his career. That’s why he’s ranked outside of the top five. But only two guys have averaged more homers in the past three years at the position than Weeks. That’s why he’s ranked in the top 10. He holds promises of good and bad for you – just like every woman you’ve ever met.

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    Aaron Hill

    Arizona Diamondbacks

    Gone is Justin Upton in the D-Backs’ lineup, so a little more is going to be expected out of Hill. He’s a streaky hitter with pop at a position that’s not known for it. Only Cano had as many home runs and RBI as Hill in 2012. He’s a great consolation prize for anyone missing out on the top guys. Just remember that his .302 batting average is likely more of a mirage than his previous two years.

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    Jason Kipnis

    Cleveland Indians

    While Kipnis hit for a below-average batting average, but he has some speed and decent pop. Consider him the average Fantasy starter at second base! Yay, mediocre! He has some promise, though, as the batting lineup around him has greatly improved. Michael Bourn will be leading off and Nick Swisher will likely hit cleanup, which makes Kipnis on the verge of – gasp – above average potential!

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    Brandon Phillips

    Cincinnati Reds

    The Reds’ second baseman should also hit second in the order, between Shin-Soo Choo and Joey Votto, which translates to a lot of scoring for the 31-year-old veteran. This guy doesn’t have amazing power (only two seasons with more than 20 homers) or blazing speed (averaging 15 steals since 2010), but he does have a consistent bat – and the best Twitter account in baseball @DatDudeBP.

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    Ben Zobrist

    Tampa Bay Rays

    How serendipitous for Ben Zobrist’s Fantasy owners that the Rays stunk it up at shortstop last season!?! He got to play 47 games there, along with 58 games at second base and 71 games in the outfield. That flexibility turns him into a great Fantasy commodity this year, as he is eligible in two of the thinnest positions in the sport. If he could just play five games at catcher and get some late-inning relief appearances, he would be a GOD!

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    Ian Kinsler

    Texas Rangers

    Kinsler took a small step back in production once again in 2013, but the Rangers don’t seem too concerned. The Rangers do, however, have the top hitting prospect in the minors, in Jurickson Profar (that’s also a great cold medicine in Guatemala!), so he’ll soon be placed in the lineup in someone’s spot. Kinsler’s future position might be first base, to make room for the youngster, but for now, he’s a solid fantasy two-bagger.

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    Dustin Pedroia

    Boston Red Sox

    The Red Sox have made several changes in their lineup and rotation and bench and manager’s uniform – but one thing that has remained constant is the presence of Pedroia. The Scrappy Doo of fantasy baseball returns from a thumb injury that hurt his power last season, and he’ll be an extra-base hit machine once again this season.

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    Robinson Cano

    New York Yankees

    Cano is like the rock star of this position. Sure, he doesn’t get you many stolen bases each season, but who needs ‘em when he’s rocking 30 homers, 100 RBI and a .300 batting average!?! He’s the Mumford and Sons of Fantasy Baseball these days, minus the hatred from real rock fans. He’s currently getting snatched up in the top five spots overall, but those that rely on position scarcity might take him even earlier.

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