Vin Diesel has given his 35 million Facebook fans something to be thankful for once again, as he's taken to his page to reveal a major piece of information regarding one of his movies.

This time he let us know when we'll finally see the 'Fast Six' trailer and it's during the biggest TV event of the year.

Super Bowl XLVII, which takes place on February 3rd, is when Universal Pictures will debut their first look at the much-anticipated sequel. Mr. Diesel got us ready us by writing:

I don't think anyone is prepared for what will happen on memorial day 2013...First look at Furious 6 will be at the Super Bowl.

Usually we don't find out what commercials will run during the Super Bowl until a few weeks beforehand, but Vin has upped the ante with this reveal. (Also interesting to note that he refers to the film as 'Furious 6' and not 'Fast Six'....could there be a title change in the works?)

Might we see studios follow suit by giving us advanced notice of what ads will play during the world's most watched sporting event? Stay tuned.