Beware the dangers of trunk driving.

A man recently got drunk and passed out on the trunk of a stranger's car in Memphis. Sure, that's a typical Tuesday night, you say. But what happened next is anything but typical.

The car's owner got behind the wheel of his Ford Taurus and drove away, going a total of 14 miles without realizing he had a passenger in the unlikely seat before police pulled him over. How did he not see the body? Well, it was dark and his sun shade was up, preventing him from getting a good look.

The officer woke the man, tucked onto the 14-inch-wide trunk, from him slumber. That's right -- he never woke up during the joyride. In fact, he was still so hammered that he nearly walked into traffic before he was placed into the back of the police car -- you know, a part of the car that has doors around it and a roof over it. It's unclear if he faces any charges.

Carl Webb, the man who was driving, had some advice for the drunken trunker. "I hope he takes a good look at where he put himself and the hazard that he had open up to himself. It would've been death."

And here's the kicker to the whole story. Some men who work at the lot where Webb left saw the body, but didn't say anything because they assumed it was a mannequin, which begs the question: why didn't they still say anything? Seeing a mannequin on a trunk is not something you just let happen, is it? Wait, is it?!

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