Father's Day is long over, but who says that's the only good time for father-son bonding? And by "bonding" we mean "getting high, getting naked, and having a violent fight."

The 18-year-old and his 39-year-old father, both of Anchorage, Alaska, spent their Friday night getting high together on ecstasy, LSD and pot -- and that was just the beginning. Before long, they started sparring over drugs and a woman, and that's when things got really interesting.

Police spokeswoman Anita Shell said that as the fight went on, the son stripped down and ran completely nude right through a big window on the front of the house, shattering it and cutting his shoulder and thigh. And because it was so much fun the first time, he ran back and forth through the broken window a few more times and continued to slice himself up.

Meanwhile, he and his dad continued to beat each other up, destroying cabinets and shelves and bleeding all over the place. Then they took the fight outside, where the father also stripped down to his altogether. But that didn't stop the brawl.

Astonished neighbors called the police, and the pair was arrested -- leaving the three under-aged kids who were also in the house with either the best story ever or the basis for years of therapy.

What did you do for Father's Day? A backyard barbeque? Amateur.

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