This is un-pee-lievable.

During last Friday's weigh-in ahead of his MMA fight with Baron Geisler in Manila, Kiko Matos took the very unusual step of spraying Geisler with urine.

The duo was in the midst of posing for photos -- you know, the ones where they put up their dukes and make stern faces while staring intensely into each other's eyes with vitriol -- when Matos whipped out what looked like an old bottle of Glass Plus and began sprtizing away.

Even when he was held back, he continued to try and douse Geisler before they engaged in some NSFW trash talk and tried to take some swings at each other. It's good to see their respective "streams" stepping in to make sure the matter didn't get out of control.

If you're wondering, Matos didn't up his game during the fight by flinging feces like some angry monkey, but maybe it would've helped because the fight ended in a draw.

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