With the final chapter of Dexter Morgan’s story rapidly approaching, fans are still reeling from the shocking conclusion of last season when ***SPOILER ALERT*** Deb chose to murder LaGuerta instead of giving her brother the punishment he deserved. So what should we expect from the 8th and final season?

'Dexter' premieres on Showtime June 30th. Here’s a look at 5 things you should know about this season. Be warned, this does contain spoilers!

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    Deb’s Life Has Completely Spiraled Out of Control

    Clearly everything changed for Deb when she murdered LaGuerta, but no one could have predicted how much her life has changed. She isn’t Dexter who has the ability to take emotion out of killing, and it’s tearing her apart. She’s become a complete wreck struggling with substance and alcohol abuse. It will be interesting to see how Dexter responds to the effects his choices have impacted the one person he actually loves.

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    Dexter Successfully Covered Up the LaGuerta Murder

    While his initial plan was to make it look like LaGuerta died in a fire, things were complicated as Deb used her gun to shoot LaGuerta. Fortunately for Dexter he’s a forensics expert who has spent the better part of his life solving murders or covering up his own, so it won’t be much of an issue for him to cover their tracks. On top of that, LaGuerta’s behavior had appeared wreckless and vindictive recently so it wouldn’t be too surprising to see that she had gotten involved in a situation that went sour. Tragically, she was the only one who had figured out the truth about Dexter.

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    Lumen (Julia Stiles) Won’t Be Returning

    According to executive producer Scott Buck in an interview with TV Guide, there are no plans of Lumen returning. You may remember her from season 5 as she partnered with Dexter to seek revenge a group of men who had beaten and abused her. While she is the only person besides Deb and Hannah McKay to know Dexter’s true identity, Buck feels that her life is much better without Dexter so she would have no real reason or motivation to seek him out and reunite.

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    Dexter’s True Origins Will Finally Be Revealed

    While we’ve seen Dexter’s recollection of his childhood as well as Harry’s version, the full spectrum of his origins will come to light. Things aren’t exactly as he remembers and, according to Buck, this will not only affect how he views his past and former relationships, but will have a huge impact on how he moves forward and the choices he makes from here on out. It should be interesting to see what Dexter has chosen to ignore and how those bits of information will be revealed to him.

  • 5

    A New Face May Be Dexter’s Ultimate Adversary

    Dr. Evelyn Vogel, played by Charlotte Rampling, will be joining Miami Metro, which looks like bad news for Dexter. She is a neuro-psychiatrist who focuses exclusively on killers and psychopaths. Odds are it with her background it won’t be long until she starts to see Dexter for his true identity.

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