Two new downloadable content maps are now available for Fire Emblem Awakening. We guess they're Nintendo's way of showing us some love on Valentine's Day.

You can access these new maps by heading to the Outrealm Gate, all the way down in the southernmost tip of the world map. If you can't get to the Outrealm Gate yet, just play the game a little while longer until you unlock it as a feature.

The first new DLC map is Champions of Yore 3, available for $2.50 and features the same battlefield as the other Champions of Yore challenges, but with a different storyline in which you can fight legendary Fire Emblem characters such as Roy, Marth, and Ike. Successfully completing this challenge rewards you with a new team member, Micaiah. Some of you may remember her from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.

The second DLC map is called The Golden Gaffe, also available for $2.50. This is the first piece of DLC in a second set of maps called The Golden Pack. This map has your team tussling with some rich bad guys, which ensures that your coffers will be sufficiently full for the main campaign.

Check out the DLC in-game now and let us know if you'll be getting them in order to extend your Fire Emblem Awakening adventure!

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