There's gotta be a better way to work through your feelings.

This video, from Russia, is titled "Airport Worker Destroys Jet After Getting Fired" and that's exactly what happens. We're not talking about keying the door, throwing a rock at the windshield or tossing the drink cart to the ground, either. No, this guy is hardcore.

He hops into an excavator and uses it to mangle the aircraft like it's an extra in a Michael Bay movie. He butchers the magical flying machine like toddlers do to every single toy that they ever play with.

This being the internet, of course, all may not be what it seems. Some commenters have pointed out that this is merely a clip of a plane being scrapped and that there isn't even an engine in the aircraft.

Yes, this may be -- dare we say it? -- a hoax, which is crazy because no one lies on the internet, right?

It's not hard to understand why it may all be a lie. "Airport Worker Destroys Jet After Getting Fired" is bound to generate more clicks than, say, "Airplane Crushed for Scrap Metal." So, let's just blame the internet for this one, okay?