It's that time of year again when reports of sharks attacking people burst to the forefront.

Here's one guy who somehow managed to avoid it.

Ben Chancey was fishing in the waters of Stuart, Fla. in his kayak when he got a shark on his line. Considering the fact the shark is, you know, a shark it's not too pleased and manages to tip Chancey's boat, sending him swimming with Michael Phelps speed to a nearby boat.

Chancey is a glutton for punishment, though. He decides to get back into his kayak and resume fishing since the shark was still on his hook.

Chancey is certainly lucky and you can't blame the shark for rocking the boat (literally). Every summer, legions of people head to the water for recreation. How would you feel if random people just walked into your house and acted like they owned it? It's not cool, right? You'd be pretty annoyed if some stranger came in determined to take your stash of Chips Ahoy, your collection of shot glasses or your nanna for nothing more than the sport of it.

Take a look at Chancey's wild experience below.

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