Here's a novel -- if not hazardous -- way to take your next party to the next level.

These guys created a giant Jenga and set it on fire, which makes grabbing pieces really interesting.

The trick here is that they applied some sort of mystical "special goo" that magically enables them to avoid, you know, getting burned. Of course, the video comes with a teeny tiny disclaimer that says, "Do not try this at home. Ever!"

They may have considered posting that in a bigger font because you just know some knucklehead out there is going to try this, convinced the goo in question is something like Neosporin.

And while this looks awesome and terrifying all at the same time, we think we'll stick to safer party games, like Cards Against Humanity, Cranium and Balderdash. Especially Balderdash because it's just way too much fun to say.

Go ahead, say it. Pretty cool, right?