After a long day at the office, sometimes you just want to collapse into a warm, soft, comforting pink vagina. Well, now, no matter your dating status, you can!

Despite Craigslist cracking down on people selling sex on the site, one San Francisco man has found a way to sell vagina, and get away with it. We're talking about the oh-so-stylish vagina couch, of course.

In what may be the best advertisement for a piece of furniture ever, the Craigslist seller is pictured snuggled between the couch's umm, lips. In the ad, the seller says he made the couch in art school and no longer has space for it.

The seller says the "couch has some scuff marks and stains around the bottom from being moved." Moved. Sure, let's go with that.

So if you have $600 to spare and don't mind some questionable stains that could give you a full-body STD, you could snatch up (sorry, couldn't help it) this one-of-a-kind furnishing. And just think, when you tell your bros you're waist deep in vagina, it won't be a lie!

P.S. Fellas, that pillow part of the couch is an important part to remember. You're welcome.


Smethanie, who also answers to Stephanie and Crazy Girl, publishes nonsense on Twitter and recently accepted a grilled cheese sandwich as her lord and savior.

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