At one point in time, everybody knew Mr. Rogers. It was almost impossible to turn on the television and not catch Fred throwing on his signature cardigan or Bobo shoes and teaching people about the way bread is made or why dogs are constantly sticking their noses up one another's anus.

'Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood' is a part of American history, and today, Fred Rogers' would have been 85 years old and probably teaching a new generation of brats the definition of a meme and the dangers of Snapchat. Wow, that would have been must-watch television.

Mr. Rogers moved out of the neighborhood in 2003 and into a really swank place up in the sky. That's our gentle way of saying he died. Seriously, if there is a heaven, Fred lives in a gated community and lunches with Mother Theresa.

In celebration of all those years that Fred taught us hooligans a little something about life, here are some classic clips involving Mr. Rogers.

Mr. Rogers Remix

Mr. Rogers Breakdancing

Mr. Rogers Gets Censored

Get out the hankies, Mr. Rogers says goodbye

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