Perhaps the only thing worse than being stuck in a mall while your girl goes shoe shopping is NOT being the guy she expects to sit patiently while she goes shoe shopping.

We're talking, of course, about being trapped in the dreaded "friend zone."

The YouTube channel Goutube has created this very funny and very fake -- but it certainly could be real -- move trailer which imagines life as a man who cannot get out of the friend zone, no matter how hard he tries.

The clip gets out off to a strong start:

Girl: I wish I could find a guy like you.
Guy: I'm a guy like me.

And it only gets better from there, as the poor fella sees what is so obvious to him, only for the objection of his desire to continue to focus on finding someone else.

It's a bad place for any guy, especially if you're so deep in the zone that you actually do go shoe shopping with her -- only to find out she's getting a new pair of pumps for her big date with some guy named Rick that you hate because you know he's not nearly as good for her as you are.

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