You can let the whole world know you're disenchanted relationship status.

Reddit user Dro2614 has created a logo for the so-called "friend zone," which features a thumbs-up sign and a half-heart. It's the official symbol of being the guy in a woman's life, but not the man in it.

So, the next time you're summoned to the airport to pick up the girl of your dreams when she returns from a flight that gets in at midnight, the next time you find yourself listening to her whine that Rick from the gym simply spends too much time working on his pecs and not enough time with her, the next time she asks you to go shoe shopping -- shoe shopping! -- just remember this image.

It probably won't help you feel better, but, hey, at least you'll know you're not alone, even though, yeah, you're all alone while you continue to hover over the hope of getting together the way a plane hovers over a landing strip in a rainstorm waiting for the tower to give the go-ahead.

Except in your case, there's just no one in the tower.