Donald Trump wants to make America great again, but this girl is proving we're already the best in the world -- at least when it comes to passing gas.

This girl farted loudly in front of her brother, who was left blown away by the wind she passed (his comment? "Was that real? How is that even possible?"). The volume and the odor were so impressive in their power that they just had to share it with the entire world, which has reacted in kind, with more than 1.6 million views.

One day she will be a blushing bride and her brother is going to grab the microphone at the wedding and regale everyone there to celebrate the big day with the tale of how she farted so loudly and so stinkily that it left him in awe. It's those special experiences that help siblings bond, you know?

It's a pretty amazing display, but we think it falls short of this farting horse, who must've chowed down on Taco Bell before he went on his gas rampage.

If anything, we think this girl should team up with the world's loudest burper and put together a symphony that will blow everyone's senses away.