Are you the type of guy who just leaves his booze in it's original bottle? HOW DARE YOU! Liquor must be opened. It must breathe. It must be chugged every morning before a hearty breakfast of bacon and sausage and ONLY bacon and sausage. Eggs are for wine drinkers. 

Free your liquor...and then bottle it right back up in this awesome glass grenade decanter. This bomb of a novelty has a handy plastic screw-on lid (for travel chugs), holds 16 ounces of delicious liquid confidence and weighs just over 2 pounds.

Fill it with your favorite alcoholic beverage, set it on the mantle and demand every person that steps into your domicile remark on its uniqueness.

Pull the pin on this grenade because it's party time. But first, how about a nice plate of breakfast meats?

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