Here's what you should do: Take NJ Rt 517 in Allamuchy past the rural farmland fields, and turn off at the 18th century church's graveyard onto a pot-hole filled asphalt backroad. The road will becomes gravel and then dirt, as farmland stretches out on your right, and a mountain rises out of the forest on your left. Keep driving and watch the left.

Stop your car when you see a creepy, swinging, rusty iron gate on ten-foot concrete pillars, sitting alone without the fence that once gave it purpose.The road you've been traveling on is the driveway to the enormous estate that sits behind this gate. Welcome to the Rutherfurd Stuyvesant Estate; once the largest estate in New Jersey, owned by the Rutherfurd-Stuyvesant Family.

Wander the grounds via the carriage path and you'll find remnants of stone walls, bridges and dams before reaching the remains of the mansion, which was built in the late 1700s and burned to the ground in 1959. While the mansion is mostly gone, the old outbuildings sprinkled through the woods are why you really came, trust me. Gothic-style farmhouses, sheds, and barns sit forgotten in the woods, decrepit and beautiful. So why the name?

The profanity houses are named as such because they are covered in swear words. Some of it quite graphic, the graffiti covers ever inch of the houses, floor to ceiling. This is definitely not the place to bring your kids for a day of fun exploring in the woods, but it's awesome. The best part: the consistent handwriting indicates that this is the prolific work of one individual. One very crazy, very committed individual.

These days, the former estate is a part of Allamuchy Mountain State Park, and the land has been state owned since 1960. Please go see it, before some buzzkill Town Clerk decides it's inappropriate.