This year's MLB 13: The Show will include seven new minor league stadiums for some added variety during Road to the Show.

Kotaku spotted the first images and details of three of the seven new parks shown by The Show senior producer Jody Kelsey. Added to the nineteen already present in the series, there are now almost as many minor league parks as there are big league stadiums. Of course, since each MLB team has two minor league teams in the game (with many more in the real world), you're still going to see some repeat stadiums from time to time. However, at least this year there will be some new fields to enjoy.

The first three being shown off are Bayfront, which is situated on a Coney Island-esque pier, Crystal Falls, a nice small town stadium, and Stateman Park, which is right in the heart of a bustling metropolis. All of the parks have A distinct minor league feel, which helps differentiate them from the bigger architectural marvels MLB teams call home, and should be a welcome addition to the game.