People tend to use their religion in different ways. Some preach it on a street corner, some sit in church thanking the Lord above quietly for all of their blessings--often asking for more--and some even get tattoos to show their faith, displaying it proudly for all to see underneath their sleeveless tank tops.

But the person in this picture? Well, this devout follower takes the idea of preaching to a whole new level.

Either he or she is a door-to-door Bible salesman for a living or this person is an immense fan of the book's author and main characters, the talking snake included.

From the looks of it, the motorcycle seems to have the various stories from the Bible--surely not all of them--painted all over it. We can see the story of Moses parting the Red Sea, the story of the 10 Commandments, the Last Supper, and some others. However, regardless of how you feel about religion, it's a real good paint job. God only knows whose steady hand did that. Oops!