Why did Walter Slonopas quit his job? You could say the devil made him do it.

The 52-year-old born-again Christian quit his job as a maintenance worker with Contech Casting in Clarksville, Tennessee last week because his company gave him a W-2 tax form with the number 666 stamped on it. That’s 666, as in the sign of the devil. And it was the 666th form mailed out, which, depending on your point of view, is either a coincidence or a sign that Lucifer has decided to make him the star of his own personal episode of ‘Punk’d.’

You’re probably thinking there are already 666 reasons Slonopas is off his rocker, but here's another. In addition to quitting, he also says he has no plans to file his taxes until he gets a new form with a different number. If he makes good on that promise, you can bet he’ll need some help from above when the IRS comes a’ knockin’.

Slonopas said, “If you accept that number, you sell your soul to the devil.” As opposed to the folks who lease it.

Slonopas has raised hell, if you will, regarding the number 666 on prior occasions. During his first day at work in 2011, he was supposed to receive the number 668 to use when clocking in, but a snafu by HR resulted in his getting 666. He voiced his displeasure and got a new number.

Fast forward a few months later, Slonopas actually quit when he got the number 666 again during a change in time clock management. The company, perhaps not sensing they are allowed to go out and hire people who are not straight out of 'The 700 Club' casting, apologized and Slonopas came back to work.

Amazingly, Contech has proven to be more patient than a Chicago Cubs fan waiting for a World Series title. The company says Slonopas is welcome to return to his job, although he says that won’t happen until, well, hell freezes over. “God is worth more than money,” he said.

His wife stands by him, too, saying God will take care of them. Amen to that.

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