Graphic novels are slowly becoming more popular in the world of video games and that's why there are 10 graphic novels that should be made into video games.

The Walking Dead was inspiration for an outstanding series of games by Telltale, and Fables will be getting the Telltale treatment next. Lots of graphic novels have been made into games, from Superman to Spiderman, to Wolverine, but it’s about time someone other than the spandex superheroes got their shot at the gaming spotlight.

These are 10 graphic novels that should be made into video games.

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    Mouse Guard

    Mouse Guard is a series about mice in a medieval society fighting against things that would generally kill mice, such as snakes, owls, weasels, and other natural predators. You might think this sounds cartoony and childish, but seeing your friend get swallowed whole by a snake is pretty damn traumatic. The dark tones and ever present danger of this graphic novel make it perfect for an action game, something along the lines of Monster Hunter. Pretty much every single enemy in the game would be several times your size. Mouse Guard should be one of 10 Graphic Novels That Should Be Made Into a Game.

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    Usagi Yojimbo

    Around the time that Ninja Turtles was first being drawn, another anthropomorphic animal hero burst onto the scene. Many people know Usagi Yojimbo from his brief TMNT cameo, but the comic is so much cooler. This rabbit samurai is brutal, and his episodic encounters with other anthropomorphic animal warriors tend to end with someone getting impaled on a blade. Games like Dust an Elysian Tail have proven to us that gamers like furries and swords, so Usagi Yojimbo would be a perfect fit.

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    Y: The Last Man

    Y: The Last Man is a story of a world where, simply put, nearly every man on earth dies. Actually, more specifically, every creature with a Y chromosome dies, except for Yorick, a lone survivor of this bizarre pandemic. The story is primarily a social and political drama, revolving around how the world operates when all mankind, (emphasis on man), has suddenly disappeared. It would make an amazing Telltale game, or Quantic Dream style cinematic experience.

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    Nextwave is about a bunch of Marvel super heroes who, quite frankly, don’t give a f@#!k. The graphic novel features the alcoholic Robot Man, The Captain, who is constantly in copyright disputes, or a former X-Man who really can do nothing other than blow things up and chew bubblegum. An action game based on these misfits would be absolutely hilarious. Why is it always the big name heroes that get the games anyway?

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    Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind

    OK, including this on our list of 10 Graphic Novels That Should Be Made Into Games is a bit of a cheat considering its both a Manga and a Movie. But, let's be honest, who doesn’t want to see a Nausicaä game? After seeing the complete awesomeness that was Ni No Kuni, a Studio Ghibli’s JRPG project, we want to see more Miyazaki films be made into games. It would have shooting sections, flying sections, and the prettiest anime cutscenes you could imagine.

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    Doom Patrol

    Doom Patrol is a series of comics about superheroes you don’t want to be. Like a man with a robot body described as a “full body amputee”, a woman with multiple personalities, each with their own superpower, a girl whose imaginary friends keep coming to life and trying to kill her, and a travestite piece of sentient geography. When Grant Morrison picked up this graphic novels series it went totally off the rails, forcing the team to face villains such as The Quiz who has every superpower you haven’t thought of, and The Scissormen, a race of beings that literally cut you out of reality. Oh, and they once fought a horseman of the apocalypse inside a French painting. We don’t care what genre you make the Doom Patrol game. All we know is it’s going to be awesome. That's why it's one of the 10 Graphic Novels That Should Be Made Into a Game.

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    It’s easier to interpret a comic into a video game if there is a lot of action and conflict to portray, and Preacher has tons of it. This is a story of a man who literally has more power than God, and uses that power to find God himself. Unfortunately, finding God usually means killing everything in the vicinity. Perfect action game fodder.

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    DMZ takes place in a future where America is undergoing a second civil war. The forces of the United States are fighting against the “Free State” armies around New York. As a result, the island of Manhattan has become a DMZ (demilitarized zone) filled with only 400,000 people, mostly poor, and the snipers and holdouts of both armies’ forces. The setting alone is awesome enough to create multiple genres from shooter to survival to Telltale like drama.

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    Rising Stars

    Rising Stars is a superhero comic that we don’t want to be made into an action game. Rather, we think that this would fit far better as a puzzle or mystery type game. It takes place in a universe where everyone conceived in a very specific area on a very specific date gained super powers. The problem? When anyone with superpowers dies, everyone else with superpowers gets more powerful. Someone is going around offing all the supers and it’s up to a few misfits to figure out who is doing it. Move over Professor Layton, this mystery has got you beat.

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    Finally, we have the single graphic novel that we most want to see made into a game, Sandman. Neil Gaiman is already working on games, through his involvement with the new title Wayward Manor. That’s cool and all, but Sandman was one of the properties that made Gaiman a household name. The story of Dream of the Endless is incredible, touching on philosophy and psychology, as well as abstract theories of existence while still finding time to worm its way into Batman’s continuity. If you haven’t read Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series yet, you are missing out, and it’s a wonder that no one has picked up this Graphic Novel That Should Be Made Into a Game.