We’ve heard of cheating before the wedding or during the honeymoon, but in the middle of the actual reception, moments after swapping vows and promising to love, honor, respect and blah blah blah? Well, an Austrian groom has sunk to a new level of douchebaggery by banging a waitress during his wedding reception.

He couldn't even keep it in his pants for 24 hours after the ceremony? Turns out his actions are being blamed on alcohol – it’s always the liquor, isn’t it?

According to The Austrian Times (courtesy of The Huffington Post), the groom, 27, wed his lovely bride in Feldkirch, Austria. This horn-dog immediately commenced with cheating and to top it off, he was caught with his pants down by his new father-in-law, presumably the person who was footing the bill for the ceremony.

The revelry was promptly canceled and guests were ordered to leave. Needless to say, the bride already wants a divorce. Sadly, she’ll have to wait six months, in accordance with local law.


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