The release of GTA 5 is just around the corner. We're so jacked we're giving away a free copy of GTA 5 to one of our readers. We've also been searching GTA 5 cheat codes since last Spring!

It feels like we've been searching for months for more info about GTA 5 -- cheat codes, plot lines, guns and ammo info and how much it's going to cost for a hooker this time around. We guess you can say we're addicted to the GTA franchise. We might even play it too much! There are, however, some people who just don't play GTA enough. We call those people "functioning adults."

To celebrate the pending release of GTA 5, and to make fun of the losers who don't play GTA enough, we came up with some signs that prove you don't play the franchise enough.

Here are some signs you don't play enough GTA.

GTA 5 cheat codes
Graphic by GuySpeed

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