If you're looking for the proper way to kill someone, we've got just the guy to help you.

Cody is the brave (or crazy) soul who drinks water laced with cyanide in this video.

Don't worry, though -- Cody says he'd need to ingest about 300 milligrams of cyanide to kill him and he only drank about five, so he's good.

It's all part of his effort to prove, well, we're not exactly sure what the heck he's trying to prove, except that maybe cyanide isn't as deadly as you may think if you're not given enough of it. So, poison, just like a proper diet is all about portion control. Remember that the next time you're thinking off offing someone.

Cody is half Mr. Wizard and half Walter White and, quite frankly, we'd be more than just a little frightened if we hung out with him at a bar and left him alone with our drink while we went to the restroom.