Is cleaning your ears part of your daily routine? No? It might be after you watch this.

This poor sucker has someone pull out wax from his ear. And we don't mean a little bit. We mean enough to caulk a wall in an emergency. How it got to this point is a mystery we're probably all better off not knowing.

We can only imagine how much the wax buildup messed up his hearing. For instance, did he not hear the other guy in this video saying they should put this on YouTube? Because who would want the entire world to see how much ear wax he was storing? If he heard, you can bet he would've been all, "I don't want to post this online. I'll get made fun of." And then he'd wish all that ear was could be jammed back in so it could quiet all the jokes.

This video was actually uploaded on Christmas Day of last year, so let's hope someone got him a box of Q-Tips for a gift. Based on what we're watching here, that's something he needs and wants.