When it comes to picking up women, maybe it's best to just get to the point.

This guy is the star of this social experiment prank video dating tutorial bizarre clip in which he strolls around the Las Vegas Strip, approaching all sorts of women to ask if they'd like to kiss him. He asks 100 women in total and they offer a nice cross-section: black, white, tall, short, even a man or two.

And while they may be in Vegas, not all of the women totally shed their inhibitions because most reject him with the kind of speed we wish the internet on our phone has.

We also have to say he's not helping his cause when he confessed to having herpes (although we're pretty sure he's just doing that to add some fuel to the fire).

At the end of the day, our hero gets seven women (including an on-duty security guard) to give him a smooch. That's a seven percent success rate, which is probably better than he'd do pulling the same stunt on the streets of Small Town, USA.

We say if he wants to increase his odds, he strongly consider visiting a campus the night after their football team upsets the number one team in America. You're bound to find some women who'd be up to spreading the love.