We can think of many, many more pleasant things to do with this body part.

This man pulls off the stunt of the year when he lifts three cases of beer with his genitals, which he covers with only a loincloth. Because this clearly needs a Tarzan-inspired motif.

We'll say it for you: ouch.

Not only does this man of one talent lift the cases, he does so while straddling two chairs with each foot. He then swings the cases -- for a solid minute -- in front of a riveted crowd that stays fixated while recording the moment on their phones.

All along, the man breathes loudly in a combination of King Kong snoring and heavy-effort sex.

When he puts the beer down, he gets a round of applause, which, quite frankly, should be way louder than it is. This guy just treated his junk like a human claw machine. He needs more respect than this.